Jonathan A. Balasa

Jonathan Balasa obtained his Bachelor’s of Science in General Engineering from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Mr. Balasa joined Collision Engineering Associates, Inc. as an engineer and accident reconstructionist in 2001. Mr. Balasa has worked in the accident reconstruction profession since 1997. He is an ACTAR accredited accident reconstructionist and has provided reconstruction testimony in a number of litigated matters. Mr. Balasa also has been certified as a technician and analyst of airbag data by Collision Safety Institute.

Mr. Balasa has been trained to collect and preserve data from airbag control modules, powertrain control modules, heavy vehicle engine control modules, and other electronic vehicle systems. He has authored publications dealing with topics within the accident reconstruction field, including computer simulation and accident investigation.

For a complete list of training and publications please contact Mr. Balasa to request a copy of his curriculum vitae.