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Providing confident experience of 84 years in the areas of accident reconstruction, vehicle dynamics and more.

Crash Reconstruction

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To maintain our high level of Quality of Service, the team at Mecanica dedicates our passion to continuous self-improvement by keeping up with new and evolving technologies and methodologies within the field. We also believe in supporting our Mecanica team members with continuing professional development and continuing education courses, as well as continuous research and publications of new and innovative…

In all areas of accident reconstruction
Utilizing the latest in cutting edge tools, technologies and methodologies

Mecanica utilizes the latest in cutting edge tools, technologies and methodologies in the areas of accident reconstruction and Event Data Recorders for documenting and analyzing accidents and related EDR data as well as for communicating our analysis and findings clearly and concisely to our clients.

Mecanica Scientific Services Corporation is proud to be one of only three U.S. authorized service providers of forensic data imaging services of heavy truck and bus “blackbox” or Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders for Volvo Trucks North America, Inc. and Mack Trucks, Inc.

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Exploring Safety Compliance Challenges and Advancements in Trucking
Our CEO John Steiner, EMBA, along with other industry experts, will dive into the exciting challenges and advancements in safety compliance. They'll discuss the areas of autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and other innovative technologies shaping the future of trucking.
Celebrating Collaboration and Innovation in Heavy Vehicle Research
At the 2024 SAE International WCX Conference in Detroit, Michigan, Wesley Grimes of Mecanica Scientific Services Corporation and esteemed colleagues presented groundbreaking research, documented in SAE Technical Paper No. 2024-01-2889, focusing on the simulation of Vehicle Speed Sensor Data for Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder Testing, crucial for crash reconstruction and highway safety.