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Event Data Recorders
Passenger vehicle EDR
Event Data Recorders (Blackbox)
Collision Mitigation
System Data Analysis

Extensive experience and expertise in

  • Forward Looking Radar based collision mitigation systems
  • Forward Looking Radar + Camera based collision mitigation systems
  • Active Cruise Control with Braking
  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Access & Interpretation of CMS related data
Vehicle Instrumentation
& Testing

Extensive experience and expertise in

  • Full scale crash testing
  • Vehicle dynamics instrumentation and testing
  • ISO 362 Pass By Noise Compliance Testing
  • SAE J2263 Coastdown Testing
GPS Telematics Data

GPS Telematics Data Management & Analysis

  • Data access and preservation
  • Data parsing and analysis
  • Incorporation and analysis with physical evidence and traditional crash reconstruction methodologies
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EDR inside car

Imaging data with laptop