Bradley C. Higgins
Group Manager, EDR Technologies

B.S. Structural Engineering 2014 | University of California, San Diego

Prior to graduation Mr. Higgins was part of a transportation research project involving the development and implementation of a new carpool program at UCSD.

After graduating from UCSD in June of 2014, Mr. Higgins joined the accident reconstruction team at Mecanica Scientific Services Corp beginning his career as a research engineer.

Mr. Higgins specializes in accident reconstruction, vehicle dynamics, vehicle testing, computer simulation, and computer aided design. Research topics include vehicular dynamics, vehicular testing and EDR analysis, as well as analyzing data reduction algorithms.

Engineering responsibilities include the systematic collection and analysis of physical evidence and data, including test data and EDR data, to reconstruct transportation collisions. Rapid response to major highway collisions to collect physical evidence and data, including EDR data for preservation and analysis.