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Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM PT

Crash Reconstruction and Forensic Consulting Services

FAA Part 107 Drone Operations

Simulations & Physics Based Animations


● 24/7 Rapid response to major accidents
– Law Enforcement coordination on joint inspections, evidence preservation

● Accident scene documentation
– 3D scanning
– FAA 107 licensed commercial drone operations
– Scene canvassing for surveillance video

● Event Data Recorders/Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders
● Vehicle crush analysis to determine
– Impact speeds
– Closing speeds
– Delta-V
– Principal Direction of Force (PDOF)

● Accident reconstruction analysis
● Advanced simulation analysis
● Advanced demonstratives
– Physical model based simulations


Event Data Recorders (Blackbox)

EDR inside car

Imaging data with laptop

Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders (HVEDR)

Mecanica is one of four North American authorized service providers for Volvo and Mack data imaging.

Electronic Repairs & Chip Transfer

  • • Mecanica’s forensic electronics/electrical team has extensive experience in recovering data from damaged electronic assemblies including Electronic Control Units (ECU) whose memory chips may contain “blackbox” or Event Data Recorder (EDR) data.
  • • ECU’s can be damaged due to vehicle crush or thermal damage from fire, or water damage due to submersion.
  • • Mecanica’s electronics lab team are certified by IPC for 7711c and 7721c – Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies

Mobile Device Analysis (Cellebrite Tool)

Mobile Device Forensic Data Recovery & Analysis

● Universal Forensic Extraction Device
● Cell phones / tablets / mass storage devices
● GPS data history (position history)
● Phone call logs / Text message history
● Social messaging apps (WhatsApp, Kik, etc.)
● Digital photo and video recovery
● Incident-specific analysis (timeline)
● Analysis and incorporation with vehicle GPS based telematics data
● Incorporation into traditional crash reconstruction methodologies

Mobile Performance Based Brake Tester (PBBT)

PBBT’s allows a brake inspection to go above and beyond a visual inspection or mechanical inspection that is limited to the air brake chamber stroke measurement. The use of a Performanced-Based Brake Tester (PBBT) provides an actual quantitative measurement of the amount of brake force being generated at each braked wheel in 20 minutes or less.

The use of a PBBT as reported by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) can help a fleet determine the following:

  • ● Evaluate which brake linings are appropriate for a fleet’s operations
  • ● The sources of uneven brake lining wear
  • ● Possibly determine the source of uneven tire wear
  • ● Root cause of air valve problems and other air system problems
  • ● Brake balance problems
  • ● Whether or not a vehicle involved in an accident had adequate braking capability
  • ● Whether or not the vehicle meets the minimum Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated brake performance standards

The Performance-Based Brake Tester (PBBT) is a dynamometer that can make direct measurements of brake forces at each axle end of a vehicle.

EDR / HVEDR Data Analysis

Photogrammetry Analysis


Impact Alignment Analysis

Crash Testing & Research

Nighttime Car Underride Analysis

Overview of a Case Study

Vehicle Crush Analysis

Vehicle Restraints Analysis

Vehicle Light Bulb Analysis

Lighting Documentation

Accident Scene 3D Modeling

CCTV Camera Documentation and Analysis


Motorcycle Crash Reconstruction

Our competition can reconstruct motorcycles crashes

Mecanica can:
● Reconstruct motorcycles crashes
● Evaluate motorcycle mechanical issues
● Perform test riding/crashing
● Identify ridership issues that may have contributed to the crash.
● Mecanica has two motorcyclist accident reconstructionists with a combined street riding experience of over 600,000 miles
● Our motorcycle reconstruction team has experience with street, track, and off-road riding

Motorcycle Dynamics Testing

Skid Testing For Locked Wheel Instability Performance

Slide Testing Deployment

40 MPH Swerve Test

● Pickup Truck Deployed Motorcycle Slide Testing
● Rider Steering/Swerve/Avoidance Testing
● Brake/Skid Testing
● Acceleration Testing
● ABS vs. Non-ABS/Stability Control/Intervention Systems Testing

Motorcycle Impact Speed Crash Testing

Dash/Action Camera Tracking & Object Tracking

Mecanica uses computational visual effects techniques to accurately determine:

● Speed & travel path of camera
● Speeds & travel paths of moving & stationary objects captured in the camera’s field of view
● Scene Evidence Location Rectification

Can be applied to dash cams, “GoPro” cameras, body cams, handheld cell phone videos, & surveillance cameras


Camera Path & Lane Intruding Vehicle Tracked from Dash Camera Video

Commercial Vehicle Operations

●Commercial Driver Standard of Care

  • – Hours of Service
  • – Commercial Driver Training
  • – Load Securement

● Mechanical Inspections, troubleshooting, and failure analysis

● Commercial Fleet Management Standard of Care

  • – Maintenance & Repair
  • – Fleet documentation compliance
  • – BIT Inspections

Mobile service truck capabilities for onsite inspections