Jamey Cobb
Group Manager, Forensic Media

B.A. Digital Media Arts | California State University, Channel Islands

Mr. Cobb brings 15 years of experience to his position as Digital Media Designer. He specializes in computer-aided design to produce three-dimensional simulation and video re-creations, which are used to analyze collisions. He also assists engineers with the inspection and documentation of accident scenes and accident vehicles.

Prior to his education in the field of digital media design, Mr. Cobb served in the United States Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician. His duties included troubleshooting and repairing the weapons electronics on F-18 Hornet and F-14 Tomcat military fighter aircraft. He earned numerous ribbons and awards while deployed aboard the USS Carl Vinson, Abraham Lincoln, and John B. Stennis.

After his service, Mr. Cobb garnered several more awards for pushing the boundaries of Digital 3D art and animation during his time at California State University, Channel Islands and DeVry University.

When Mr. Cobb is not at work, he spends his leisure time studying the world of technology to stay informed about this ever-changing industry.