Daryl Klomp
Commercial Vehicle Specialist

Technical and Mechanical Support with expertise in the areas of commercial vehicles (light- to heavy-duty). Mr. Klomp’s expertise includes the areas of design, fabrication and installation of custom vehicle system components, test equipment, testing fixtures. Review and analysis of vehicle mechanical condition, quality of repairs, vehicle configuration documentation and analysis. Air brake system performance documentation and testing, repairs and adjustments.

14 years of mechanical experience with Heavy Duty Commercial Highway and Off–Highway vehicles. Thorough understanding of vehicle Powertrain systems and functions. Electrical troubleshooting on various modules and other power circuits associated with both alternating and direct current voltage systems. Systematic removal and repair of various engine components, as well as vast knowledge of brake systems including: air, air-over-hydraulic, electric and hydraulic systems.

  • Monitor motor carriers to ensure they are complying with Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations on an on-going basis, particularly with regard to the legal requirement to maintain commercial motor vehicles according to a scheduled preventive maintenance program.
  • Tear down/disassembly and rebuild of internal combustion (IC) gasoline and compression combustion (CC) diesel engines.
  • Assisted with various instrumented controlled vehicle performance and crash testing.
  • Administration and monitoring of commercial fleet BIT Programs.

Since September, 2007 owner of DK Fleet Service, a mobile fleet repair business. As such, have conducted rapid response to roadside failures of fleet heavy vehicles and light duty vehicles on major thoroughfares. Responsibilities include: immediate servicing and repair of a variety of mechanical and/or electrical failures including braking systems.