Christopher D. Armstrong
Principal Scientist, Director of Engineering

B.S.A.E., Aeronautical Engineering 1992
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo

Specializes in accident reconstruction, vehicle dynamics, vehicle testing, computer simulation and EDR data imaging. Research and publications topics include vehicular dynamics, motorcycle dynamics, vehicular testing and reconstruction methodologies as well as documenting and analyzing transportation crashes. Mr. Armstrong testifies as an expert on all aspects of accident reconstruction.

Since 1993, Mr. Armstrong has been involved in the investigation, analysis and engineering reconstruction of hundreds of automobile, auto-pedestrian, truck, bicycle, motorcycle, and train collisions.

  • Testifies as an expert in the areas of accident reconstruction and analysis.
  • Manages rapid responses to major transportation collisions in order to collect, document and analyze physical evidence pertaining to the incident.
  • Utilizes simulation software to analyze transportation collisions.
  • Utilizes testing instrumentation and software to test and gather data pertaining to the analysis of transportation collisions
  • Images and analyzes Event Data Recorder (EDR) data of passenger and commercial vehicles.

Engineering responsibilities include the systematic collection and analysis of physical evidence and data, including test data and EDR data, to reconstruct transportation collisions. Rapid response to major highway collisions to collect physical evidence and data, including EDR data for preservation and analysis.

Mr. Armstrong is one of six organizers for the SAE Accident Reconstruction technical paper session.