Andre Doria, Ph.D., ACTAR
Senior Forensic Scientist/Motorcycle & Crash Reconstruction Expert

Dr. Doria is an ACTAR-accredited accident reconstructionist based in San Diego, California with a specialty in motorcycle accidents. With over 150,000 street riding miles and having motorcycle toured Canada, USA, Baja California, mainland Mexico, Central America, and Europe, Dr. Doria is an avid and experienced motorcyclist. He holds a certified membership with the Iron Butt Association for long-distance, endurance riding and has completed a variety of motorcycling and skills course work on the street, track, and off-road.

Accordingly, his motorcycle experience and forensic background create an exceptional understanding of motorcycle capabilities, handling, dynamics, and power/control systems. In addition to having performed forensic analysis on over 500 accidents, he is a director on the board of the California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists (CAARS) professional organization and has participated in crash testing, vehicle dynamics testing, vehicle telematics systems data research, and is published in the field of accident reconstruction.

Engineering responsibilities include rapid responses and physical inspections of scenes, bicycles, motorcycles, passenger vehicles, light-duty vehicles, heavy vehicles/buses, and off-road vehicles. Dr. Doria provides detailed analysis of collisions using specialized photogrammetric and video analysis tools to quantitatively interrogate short-lived evidence captured on digital media. He is proficient in 3D laser scanning, vehicle collision simulations, and extracting crucial physical evidence from UAV-based (drone) photo-surveyed accident scenes. He also is skilled in accessing and interpreting event data recorder (EDR) data from bicycle computers, motorcycles, passenger/light-duty vehicles, heavy vehicle systems, and holds certifications as a Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) data technician and data analyst.